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Gray Water Recycling

One overlooked conservation measure is recycling gray water which is now legal. In droughts and even normal daily use, gray water is a good step forward when done right. The California Health and Safety code allows untreated waste water that has not been contaminated by toilet discharge or infectious body waste, to be released into yard areas.

More than half of the water used in sinks, showers, dishwashers and washing machines is considered gray water. Obviously, we can’t recycle toilet flushes but re-using your internal water waste eases the burden on local treatment plants and potentially reduce municipal water expenditures. Any household can install fixtures for gray water distribution without a permit.

Gray water must be released above ground surfaces and into rock, soil or other solid shields to cover the release point. Ponding or tank storage is not allowed. To see how easy it is, check out: Plumbing 101 for Greywater Installers

A new device has been certified for residential gray water use is now available that makes it easy to recycle household waters into the yard for irrigation or back into the sewer system. GreenSmart Sustainable Concept’s wireless remote-control gray water diverter.

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